Tardigrada welcomes you!

Welcome to Tardigrada! I'm Rawdanitsu and I'm indie game developer from Poland. If you're looking for some games, you're in the right place. You'll find some casual games here but also some free on-line and downloadable games.

Labyrinths - new quick game

Today I published the new quick-made game - Labyrinths. I was trying to learn about old ray-casting techniques and I wanted to implement the random labyrinth generator so I thought: "What a hell? Let's make a game out of this lesson". And the result you can enjoy here.

The Start

Ok, I've finaly started that website. I'll be publishing my games here and for the start, I can show you two "idle" and two simple online games of mine. I hope nobody will complaint to my english - I'm learning and will learn for the rest of my life.


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